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Family-owned Cheese Farm's Secret Ingredient: Fog

Watch how the 3 Giacomini sisters have transformed their California farm into a cheesemaking hub.

Oh, car, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

These three loyal car owners have many reasons for loving their vehicles, whether it’s a connection to nature and the outdoors, the thrill of travel and adventure, the satisfaction of fixing a leak or patching a dent, or simply the admiration of its intricate machinery.

“It’s old, it’s faithful, it’s dependable,” Beverley MacGregor, a retired preschool teacher, said of the 1990 Buick station wagon that she and her husband, Paul, affectionately call “the Family Fun Wagon.”

“It’s been in our family for almost 30 years,” Paul MacGregor said. “It’s the love of our lives.”

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