Holiday Gift Guide

Ranging from practical to magical, our gift picks promise to please – all with a planet-friendly spin.

The Houseplant Fanatic
Our Favorite Pruning Scissors
Every plant parent deserves a great set of pruning scissors to make their work easier. These beauties have a long handle and sharp blades for extra clean cutting.
No-Fuss Ficus Tree
We have a ficus tree in our second home in Savannah, Georgia. We are sometimes gone from there weeks at a time, but our ficus has always thrived with little maintenance.
Indoor Vegetable Garden
It isn't cheap. But if you think of it as a gift for the whole family -- one that will pay delicious dividends -- then the Tower Garden may be just the thing.
Luxe Grow Light
We have this one at home. It's a sleek, pendant-style grow light that helps plants grow big and strong. It really lives up to its billing as a luxury grow light!
Handcrafted Ceramic Watering Can
Having a proper watering can is a game-changer. This lovely version is practically a sculpture and looks great on standby, yet also allows for precision watering of plants and other hydrating needs.
Sparkling Geode Planter
Made from concrete and natural minerals, these on-trend planters can play home to anything from air plants and succulents to votive candles – and come in a range of shapes and sizes.
The Kid
The Best Picture Book
"Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth" is a beautifully illustrated guide to Earth meant for the planet's newer inhabitants, but offers a poignant overview that could benefit any Earthling.
Bird Spotting Opoly
For ages 8 and up, this wondrous nature-themed board game by Audubon is filled with bird illustrations and trivia. The player who collects the most species wins!
Minikin Paper Dolls
These wonderful paper dolls made by artist Adrienne Brown-David are a foot tall and so much fun. Bonus: you can download blank outfit sets that a child can decorate themselves.
Green Toys Ferry Boat
Made entirely from recycled plastic milk jugs, this durable ferry boat has withstood two years of ruthless play from my toddler. It also comes with cars and has a retractable ramp.
Kinderboard Wonder Toy
For open-ended play, this clever design becomes a seesaw, balancing toy, slide, stepping stool, boat, resting nook, and anything else a kid can think of.
The Lovely Lovevery Block Set
The most versatile block set we've ever seen, it includes 70 heirloom quality wood pieces that work for more than 20 stage-based activities.
The Animal Lover
Birding Binoculars
I wanted bright, comfy binoculars that could stand up to my urban birding. Audubon recommended Nikon Prostaff 3S 8x42 – they are fabulous, and the Eco-Glass optics are Treehugger-approved.
Butterflies of North America
This beguiling butterfly print is like a field guide for the wall. With more than 500 intricately hand-illustrated North American species, it's a perfect gift for the butterfly enthusiast.
Animal Architecture Book
From nests and webs to coral and hives, the design genius of animals is on full display in this stunning coffee-table book by world-renowned nature photographer Ingo Arndt.
Sad Animal Facts Calendar
For calendar lovers, this is full of quirky animal facts like frogs eat their skin after shedding it and sloths only leave their trees once a week to poop.
CBD-Infused Dog Biscuits
I'm iffy on the effects of CBD products, but these biscuits help calm my anxious dog during storms and have helped with some very stressed foster dogs.
Cat Cave!
This kittie hidey hole is handmade by Nepalese artisans using 100% wool, and makes the perfect getaway for cats craving quiet time.
Rugged Dog Harness
Ruffwear's handsome padded dog harness is comfortable and durable for neighborhood walks or more rugged hikes and adventures.
Nest Starter
How sweet is this? Fill the spiral with yarn bits, craft scraps, and even pet hair to help feathered friends line their nests.
The Entertainer
Recycled Aluminum Holiday Train Set
This delightful toy train serving platter will be the star of your dinner table. It’s fair trade, sustainably made from recycled aluminum – and the mini cars actually roll around the track.
Noble Oak Whiskey
Award-winning whiskey with a noble heart. Every bottle plants a tree. Finished with sherry oak (bourbon) and port oak (rye). Layers of fruit & spice.
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Firstleaf Wine Club
My wife, Rose Lane, and I love good wines…and a top-notch site to go to for a wide variety is Firstleaf. For gifts you can create custom orders or purchase a gift card.
Vinyl Records
Call me a purist for collecting music on vinyl … I love browsing for both old and new releases, and vinyl records make great gifts.
Energetic Board Game
For adults: Decarbonize New York City! The game is genius. It checks all the boxes that an up-and-coming climate activist would want to know.
Festive Fringe Earrings
For the hostess with the mostess, these gorgeous Shower of Faith brass and vintage steel beauties are the perfect festive touch for any soiree.
Swank Vintage Barware
The Hour's selection of chic vintage barware will put your tippling giftee in a cocktail swoon.
Hasami Porcelain Tea Service
Designed by Taku Shinamoto, this 9-piece Hasami porcelain tea set is produced in the southern region of Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan. The atelier has many other choices at different price points.
The Vegan
Apple-Leather Crossbody
The "leather" goods crafted by Samara are made from ... apples! Chic, durable, and eco-friendly – with no animals harmed in their making.
Bobark Convertible Backpack Purse
This Paris-made bag looks like a chic clutch plucked from your grandmother’s closet – except it’s a backpack, made of sustainable cork, with a pocket just for your laptop. Voila!
Squalane + Marine Algae Eye Cream
I'm hooked on Biossance and regularly use this clean beauty brand's plant-based squalane moisturizer, which is super hydrating and leaves my skin feeling plump and dewy.
soleRebels Vegan Shoes
Expertly handcrafted in Ethiopia using organic cotton and recycled tires, these covetable leather-free shoes for men and women embrace ethical production, sustainable materials, and maximum comfort.
Cookies and Cream Cake
For the vegan in your life who wants to have their cake and eat it too, LushLife Bakery will ship this decadent delight right to their door.
Kaike Frosting Moisturizer
We love this all-natural moisturizer that does double duty hydrating both face and hair. And really, who doesn't want to rub frosting all over themselves?
The Homesteader
The Drunken Botanist
For the gardener who likes to imbibe, this classic compendium of botany and booze shows how to grow your own cocktails – includes 50+ drink recipes and planting tips!
Multicolored Fabric Grow Bags
These cute, colorful grow bags are the perfect building blocks for a patio or balcony garden. They’re sturdy and portable, and the breathable fabric makes plants happy and healthy.
Leafy Greens Growing Kit
Grant your giftee with these gorgeous greens from HortikiPlants. The kit includes organic seeds and eco-friendly supplies, like biodegradable pots and bamboo plant markers.
Fine Gardening Tools
We love to garden at Charlane, and Clarington Forge (formerly Bulldog) makes beautiful, high-quality English tools. This set of three stainless steel hand tools would make a great gift for a gardener.
Gifts From Amish Country
When it comes to unique and natural items, the Amish have it down. I love Lehman’s and their selection of Amish-made products, perfect for anyone interested in simple living with a homesteading bent.
Vegetable Fermentation Kit
Complete with pickle packer and pickle pebbles, this fermenting kit is perfect for the homesteader or homesteading curious who loves sauerkraut, kimchi, and other fermented friends.
The DIY Devotee
Handmade Dressmaker Shears
For the sewing enthusiast who has everything? These super luxe scissors are hot-forged and handmade in Sheffield, England – and will last a lifetime.
Lynx Top Recycled Yarn Knitting Kit
No more ugly holiday sweaters – this kit uses recycled yarn to make a chic top that will inspire compliments all year long. Ideal for an intermediate knitter who’s ready to move on from scarves.
Ephrem's Bottle Cutter Kit
The stuff that DIY dreams are made of. This wonder contraption can be used to turn any bottle into a drinking glass, vase, votive holder, or any number of other vessels.
Woodworking Tools
We do a lot of woodworking at Charlane. When I see a dead tree at our place, we take it and use it for building, repairs, or making furniture. For woodworking tools, I go to Grizzly.
The Ultimate Apron
An apron may sound like a blase gift, but not this one. It's a superstar with built-in hot pads and a conversion chart! And because of all those pockets, I use it for my DIY projects as well as cooking.
Pottery Starter Kit
Everything someone needs to make pottery at home, without having to have a whole potter's studio and kiln.
The Zero Waster
Savon de Marseille Soap
Made in Provence by artisans following age-old traditions, these all-natural multi-use soap blocks are great for bathing, shampooing, laundry, dishes, and even the baby.
A Plastic-Free Primer
Avoiding single-use plastics is definitely a good thing to do – and there is a lot to learn from Beth Terry’s "Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too."
The Amazing Abeego Beeswax Wraps
A beloved essential in many zero-waste kitchens, these beeswax-infused wraps take the place of plastic wrap and zipper bags. We love this variety pack of three sizes for starters.
Reusable Produce Bags
These reusable cotton produce bags are the most useful thing ever. I use them all the time; can't have enough!
Titanium Spork!
Wish you didn't have to lug around both a spoon AND a fork – or worse, resort to plastic utensils? Behold, the spork! Made from durable, yet stunning titanium, the spork will last a lifetime.
Linoto Treeless Linen Towels
These 15" linen towels are versatile and gorgeously gift-worthy. Part of Linoto's Zero Waste Program, they are made from unused parts of linen from other goods. Adding to my Dear Santa list right now.
The Outdoors Enthusiast
Mobius Backpack
Created from all-recycled plastic and foam made from excess algae bloom, this is an amazing, versatile backpack I use all the time
Goodr Sunglasses
Stop looking for the perfect pair of workout sunglasses; I've found them. Goodr's have polarized lenses, grippy arms, and come in every color of the rainbow – all with a 100% carbon neutral promise.
Pearl iZUMi Lobster Gloves
Lots of people will be cycling this winter for the first time and the hands and fingers can get cold!
Cozy Wool Base Layers
There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes – and these Merino Warm Base Layer Pants mean no more polyester! Wool feels great, and doesnt shed plastic fibers or antimony.
Gadget-Charging Camp Stove
BioLite's camp stove will not only keep you toasty at night, it will keep your gadgets charged too. That's right, this gem generates smokeless flames – and those flames generate electricity.
Tiny Hi-Tech Flashlight
Once my dad gave me a flashlight for a present and I thought it was so weird.Turns out it was one of my favorite gifts ever! This tiny one is epic with 900 lumens and an easy rechargeable battery.
Don't Forget Mother Nature!
Since you're shopping ... here's a quick way to give a gift to the planet and help protect the diversity of life on Earth.
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